Technology. As much a blessing as it is a curse?

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

It's changed the world and keeps developing but is that all a good thing?

Ask anyone I know and they will all tell you about my obsession with technology. This stems from way back in my childhood. The excitement of my parents buying our first Teletext enabled TV. To suddenly be able to look up and control information was an amazing and exciting new thing.

BBC Ceefax. So named as you could use your TV to see facts and info when you required.

Pic ©BBC

From these past days of basic information at our fingertips, computers with 64Kb memory, we have rapidly moved forward to the point of holding computers in the palm of our hands.

There is seemingly no limit to what we can do and access with modern technology. However, with everything that's good, there's an element of bad.

Where school bullying used to be a thing, face to face, we are now faced with cyber bullying. In a way, this is a lot worse. Within seconds, a bully can post or share an image about their victim within seconds - to the world. Tech in the wrong hands is a very powerful weapon.

Then there's the ongoing issues and news reports about our private data and personal details. It's true that however many promises come from a company about site security, there's always someone, somewhere, who can beat the system and plow through the seemingly strong barriers.

One of the biggest problems with our tech world is the way we have changed as a society. As I was growing up we had a landline phone. That's it. No computer, no mobile phones. If you wanted to get in touch with someone you phoned them from home, wrote them a letter or (heaven forbid this happening now) actually go round to their house to see them.

Although I am as guilty as the next person here for messaging, emailing, posting on social media rather than actually call or visit people, it's just become the norm. As a race, we have strangely become a world less social in a world of social media.

Then there's the big one. Everyone is a star. Everyone is an expert. Everyone is the best thing EVER posting blogs and vlogs on the likes of YouTube and others. There's this whole need now to broadcast to the world. The days of having to work so hard to be noticed seem to be lost in a simple 'upload' button.

However, it's not all doom of course. Modern technology has created many changes in the medical and business worlds, many of them for good reasons. Becoming reliant on technology is, in my opinion, still not a totally wise thing but that, my friends, is the future.

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