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Apple have had a busy year releasing many new products. Love them or hate them, they know how to fuel the hype of their loyal fans but, as ever, it's all about the cost.

The new MackBook Air from £1,199. Image © Apple

Shiny, smooth, slim, fast, practical and sexy. Apple know how to lure some of us and their shiny charm works. Of course, that's not everyone. Apple has the Marmite affect... you either love them or you hate them. As I always say, personal choice is just that and it's all about what suits YOU not what others think you should have.

Anyway, back to the subject of this blog. Apple have, indeed, released a lot of new products this year. Just don't add up the cost of buying all of them at their top spec prices, you'd be looking at around £15,000-£20,000+ I reckon!

Firstly came the much anticipated new iPhones. The flagships being the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

iPhone Xs - Image © Apple

A bump up from it's predecessor, the iPhone X. As per usual with Apple, it's 2 x faster at doing everything but in terms of looks is no different. For big hands the Xs Max was introduced for those with serious dollar (or pounds) to spend. Far better cameras of course as is standard and, seemingly the most important part of a smartphone nowadays. Again, starting prices of £999 for the 64GB Xs up to a very scary £1,449 for the Xs Max with 512GB. It's worth noting at this stage you can buy the new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for £1,199 to show comparison.

Nevertheless, hardcore Apple fans have jumped at this opportunity of having the latest, regardless of cost. I too have been there with the "MUST have" attitude and no other logical reason.

Along with the flagship announcement came a new iPhone Xs little brother, named the iPhone Xr. After trying to find out for ages what the 'r' stood for, it would appear no one knows.

The new iPhone Xr - Image © Apple

Now, the Xr is the "cheapest" of the new iPhone lineup starting at a mere £749. Yeah, I know, you can still get many fantastic Android phones for around £300 but hey, we are talking Apple here!

Apple promises this colourful phone (available in many colours) will tempt those not fussed by the top of the range models. However, this doesn't mean this phone doesn't still pack a mighty punch. It has high specs, great camera and a lot of what the iPhone Xs can do. Those with pin-sharp eyesight will notice the screen difference though. The Xr has Apple's 'Liquid Retina' display as opposed to the Xs Super Retina OLED displays. This is basically a lot to do with the cost differences too.

I'm not entirely sure the Xr is proving quite as successful as Apple anticipated as it is still a pretty hefty price tag. However, the likes of iPhone 8 and 7 have now come down in price. Oh, the iPhone X? Dead. Gone. Deleted. You can't buy this new anymore. No idea why either but Apple does love to keep mystery as part of its persona!

In October came yet more new treats from Apple. The iPad Pro and, at last, a new MacBook Air With Retina display. But the biggest miracle was the announcement of the one we all thought Apple had forgotten... the Mac Mini!

Four years this highly respected piece of kit had been left on the dusty shelves at the Apple upgrade division. Now it's back with a Space Grey look, new internals, SSD as standard and all the love it so finally deserved.

Of course, there is a price bump for all this upgrading as it now starts at £799. However, this is the cheapest Apple computer you could ever buy. Bear in mind though, you'd have to buy a keyboard, monitor and/or mouse/trackpad... that pushes the cost to over £1,000 (unless, like me, you already have all the peripherals).

The new iPad Pro - Image © Apple

As pictured above, the new iPad Pro is just a bit sexy. No home button now, much slimmer bezels, FaceID, higher specs and up to 1TB storage options. Apple claim this is now basically a computer but I disagree. If it ran as an iOS/macOS hybrid then yes, goodbye laptop. There are still things you can't do with this which you can do on a computer and Apple need to address these things. They do claim they will never make an iOS/macOS hybrid iPad. Shame. it would be the perfect device in my eyes.

Cost of this shiny new iPad Pro? Well, for the new 11" model with 64GB, £769. Now, if you're really rich (or slightly insane) you can get the 1TB 12.9" model for.... £1,719. Again, way above the cost of a MacBook or MacBook Air standard but hey, who am I to judge what you spend your money on!

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