£169 phone or £999 phone?

Updated: May 2, 2018

I recently tried an experiment. I'm comfortable in both the iOS and Android camps so I thought I'd do a little comparison. I already had the iPhone X (£999) but then I thought... do I actually need to spend this much money on a device?

The Honor 9 Lite. Lite by name, light by nature

So, I went and bought an Honor 9 Lite (£169). It's a little bigger than the iPhone X, half the weight, runs the latest Android and has dual cameras both front and back.

You can't ignore a phone like this. It's slim, sleek, fast with a comparatively different bright shiny blue colour. It surprised me. Speed, customisation, screen and camera qualities. Sure, it's never going to be on par with the likes of the X or something like the Samsung Galaxy S9 but what you get for your money here is quite incredible.

Unfortunately, my love of tech has always led me to believe I must have the latest, greatest and most expensive phone that does everything. The reality is, I don't need that, as I'm sure is the case for many of us.

We are lured into thinking we need these phones by their pretty looks and the sneaky yet powerful marketing teams of the big guns.

iPhone X - the Apple power beast and bank breaker ©Apple

What I realised actually shocked me. My £169 phone was impressing me, I mean really impressing me. There's so much emphasis on phone cameras now (seemingly more than them being an actual phone). However, I've always had one argument about this. When you take photos on your phone, what do you then view them on? The phone itself? A tablet? Computer? Ok, maybe your 50" TV to show off. But that's it. These cameras come with specs which would be suitable for billboard posters and beyond. Great. For the average user taking their holiday snaps or pics of their meal out? Not needed.

It's all about the cameras. Totally wrong, mostly pointless. Also, the next generation top-of-the-range phone might be "2x faster" than it's predecessor. They usually are. Ask yourself this though. What do you actually use your phone for? I bet it's social media, emails, checking the news, messaging apps, taking a few pics, playing the odd game and.... what is that one? Ah, yes, making a phone call.

This is exactly what I've done. Besides, my £999 phone can't multi-task many apps without relaunching them, my £199 phone can. It's great to have and be seen with the best but I'd put money on others being just as happy with something not even a third of the price.

Think about it.

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